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Cricket net lanes
Technical Information

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Cricket nets
We use 3 methods of suspending nets:
Aluminium trackway (recommended for indoor applications) or
Tensioned wire rope (recommended for outside but can be used inside too)
Steel frame or cage

Indoor cricket nets
- 50mm white nylon mesh, non flame retardant or flame retardant to BS5867 part 2 type B
- White canvas sight screens 2m high, flame retardant to BS5867 part 2 type A
- Each single bay comprises 2 wing nets, 1 roof net and 1 back net
- Each double bay comprises 3 wing nets, 2 roof nets and 2 back nets
- Roof nets are sewn into the wing nets so they retract as one unit to allow access to lights
- Back nets are set in from the rear to provide protection for the back wall
- Wing nets are manufactured to allow 150mm drape on the floor to gather balls and prevent travel outside the lane
- All nets are manufactured oversize to allow them to hang properly
- Sight screens are recommended across the back net and along the wing nets for 4.5m (7m for County standard - the screen adjacent to a side wall can be omitted)
- Detachable sight screens can be provided to make cleaning easier
- Length 15m min - 29.12m (33.12 max), width 3 - 3.6m (10' - 12') (4m max), height 7.6m (to ensure track is above minimum height for Badminton)
- 1m gap between nets and walls should be provided
- Bowler's end net recommended 8m long
- Where 3.6m wide nets are required in a standard 4 badminton court hall ceiling mounted storage pouches may be required to prevent the nets hindering the basketball goal

Nets should be properly stored to prevent them lying on the floor and becoming a trip hazard. Nets are usually stored in a wall mounted pouch (for the full width of the lane) or a basket which can be winched to the ceiling (electrically or manually) to keep side walls clear if required and keep the entire practice net completely out of the way.

- aluminium extruded track weighs approx 2.2kg per linear metre
- 50mm nylon net weighs approx 0.83kg per 10 square metres
- 25mm nylon net weighs approx 1.2kg per 10 square metres
- 19mm nylon net weighs approx 1.8kg per 10 square metres
- solid mesh net weighs approx 2.44kg per 10 square metres
- canvas sight screen weighs approx 3.4kg per 10 square metres
- coloured screen weighs approx 4.1kg per 10 square metre

Outdoor cricket nets - Steel cage
- 50mm green or black polypropylene wing nets and roof nets
- galvanised steel poles
- galvanised elbow joints
- hooks to attach the nets
- sockets concreted into the ground
- relatively simple to install, allow roof nets to be easily fitted and are very durable

Outdoor cricket nets - Pitch divider
- 50mm green or black polypropylene wing nets
- 5mm wire rope headline for supporting the netting
- tensioned between 2 square 76mm uprights, 1 with a ratchet tensioner (The end posts are normally fitted outside any perimeter fence to allow unrestricted use of the playing area).
- supported if necessary by fixed or freestanding intermediate posts at 8m intervals.
- when the net is not required it can be drawn back along the headline and dropped into a storage bag. The headline is then released, the intermediate posts removed and the divided area is returned to its full size.

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